Partner With An Executive Coach That Understands Your Entire Business Ecosystem

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A Trustworthy Executive Consultant

Whether in a one-to-one meeting, a group coaching environment, or a workshop, your advisor will provide in-depth analysis and powerful insights to CEOs and top-level business managers.

We provide you a safe, comfortable environment in which you can analyze potential business solutions and strategies, while simultaneously drawing on our twenty years of corporate consultant and top-line management experience to direct and frame strategic solutions.

A team can only be as good as its leader. We use time-tested frameworks, tools, and industry connections to help CEOs, directors and high-level managers achieve their professional goals with the help of an experienced coach and consultant.

Use us as your sounding board to securely test your business idea or strategies. Chart your career trajectory and track it using targeted milestones.


Leadership Development

We believe that the time invested in developing a team’s leadership is time invested in the entire group’s success. At SAFE, your professional consultant will strive to understand your individual needs, as well as the context in which you and your team work.

From there, your professional coach will help you assess ways in which you can maximize your contributions to the organization to achieve profitable results. Your corporate coach will help you pinpoint areas where there is still room for growth, and help you design and implement a plan to achieve accelerated growth.

Our Leadership Development program led by an experienced corporate coach provides an opportunity for you and your team to enhance your existing leadership skills, define and understand personal leadership styles, identify and dismantle old stumbling blocks, overcome personal plateaus, and achieve long-term success in leadership roles.


Top-Line Business Mentoring

SAFE provides the kind of thorough analysis and clear insight that allows CEOs and business leaders to attain a strategic professional strategy. Our consultants work with top-level professionals to streamline and optimize their businesses and careers.

Whether this means working to solve acute problems, develop an entirely new structure, or simply bring a fresh pair of experienced eyes to a long-standing challenge, SAFE consultants will help you thrive by specifically addressing your needs and vision in a high-level leadership role.

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A Safe Place For Top Line Professionals To Discuss Business

At SAFE, we know that CEOs and business managers must often make difficult decisions quickly and decisively. These decisions are made with little outside input, as it can be detrimental to reveal too much information to board members or stakeholders.

It is not always possible to consider, or even see, all possible decisions and outcomes when strategizing alone. SAFE offers a discreet, confidential, and open environment for CEOs and business leaders to analyze ideas and potential outcomes without fear of reprisal.

Time and time again, our clients have mentioned this “safe space” as the most transformative element of working with Sound Advice consultants. When a company’s leadership is free to explore newer or alternative ideas with the support of a trusted and knowledgeable advisor, they’re able to reach new horizons.

Ultimately, this fearless exploration leads to more innovative, creative, and effective business strategies and solutions.

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Your Success is Our Success

At SAFE, we know that you have worked hard to get to where you are, and that you continue to put forth your best effort every day. We know that you want to see your company succeed.

We know that you must balance personal and professional challenges against the clock, and that you want to utilize your time well and maximize your efforts.

At SAFE your personal strategic consultant understands these challenges, and shares those goals. We are committed to your success. That is why we focus on balanced decision making, and effective time management, as well as strategies and solutions that increase revenue growth and reduce professional stress.

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Why Customers choose SAFE As Their Executive Consultant?

SOUND ADVICE provides aspiring and current corporate professionals a trusted and experienced advisory experience.

  • CEO Advisory Services
  • Top Line Management Coaching
  • Business Mentorship
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Coaching and Development
Sarah P.

“Richard helped me transform my business and shift my perspective to see the big picture. He helped me overcome a plateau in my career and take my professional strategy to the next level. ”

Sarah P. / RM Media and Marketing. / Chicago

Barry L.

“SAFE and Richard provided a secure, confidential and constructive environment in which I could explore difficult issues I was having — both in my career and the growth of my business. Richard’s insight has been invaluable to the intense growth I’ve encountered this year.”

Barry L. / Performance Athletes

Mark B.

“Having SAFE on board to help drive our major change program made the initiative a lot easier. I found it tremendously helpful to rely on a senior consultant to guide me through the process and gain a different perspective. It enabled my team to stay focused on the day-to-day issues, while tackling some tough obstacles head on. SAFE delivered. Period.”

Mark B. / Strategic Business Solutions

The Harvard Business Review recommends engaging a strategic business coach for 7-12 months in order to develop your maximum potential as a top-line professional.

As a top-level business leader, you face demands and pressures that your colleagues, friends and family members may not understand. Complicated challenges arise often, and the right solutions must be found quickly.

CEOs and managers excel at making quick and strong decisions. While this is a strength that helps you succeed in your leadership position, it has also been shown that quick decisions tend to focus on short-term solutions, and sometimes overlook long-term pitfalls or drawbacks that are not immediately obvious.

At SAFE, our professional coaches draw on over 20 years of experience in business consulting and mentoring to help you find solutions that work for both the present and the future.

Many consultants are hyper-focused and only address immediate challenges. However, at SAFE, our coaches take the long view. Your consultant look at the entire ecosystem of your company in order to help you make balanced decisions that will have profitable short- and long-term benefits for both you and your organization.

Our approach to working with leadership is unique. We believe that the most effective solutions are found when clients are afforded the opportunity to assess all possibilities in a confidential, honest, and safe environment. Rest easy that your strategic coach will make your confidentiality a top priority.

Working in this context, alongside a trusted and experienced business advisor, helps moderate decision making and diffuse many of the day-to-day pressures that might otherwise be distracting during the decision-making process.

Furthermore, when high level managers and leadership feel free to put all their ideas and feelings on the table, even those that may seem radical or outside-the-box, they may ultimately find more creative, innovative, and effective solutions. Take advantage of decades of strategic decision-making experience by working together with your own executive consultant.

At SAFE, our consultants do not take a “one size fits all” approach to working with CEOs and senior managers. Your success is our success – and we will focus 100% on helping you find profitable solutions within the context of your own, individual situation. The guidance we provide can be done in one-on-one sessions, in groups, forums, and workshops.

Your senior management consultant can work with you at your office location or offsite. We know that every situation is unique: You have your own personal leadership style, and particular set of challenges.

Your CEO coach will take the time to study your needs and unique situation, and help you align those needs with those of your company, and your personal interests.

Feel confident that your personal corporate advisor will dedicate 100% of their efforts to helping you succeed.